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W. G. Poarch Trucking Company
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Welcome to our Trucking Site!

Our office is located in Stony Creek, Virginia. We currently own a 1997 Freightliner Classic which we have leased to TMX LOGISTICS in Chesapeake,Va.

Patricia and I have been involved in the trucking business over 20 years. We have owned trucks for the last 7 of them.
We also own a small family farm here in Stony Creek where we reside with our daughter, Abby and a barnyard full of critters.

Abby & Lakota

Our daughter, Abby and our wolf, Lakota.

"By the grace of GOD"

The picture above is our rig, "By the grace of GOD."
Below is a picture of the owners, Wiley & Patricia Poarch.

Wiley & Patricia